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Pride and Prejudice

Character Analysis

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Major Characters in Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet-

  • Protagonist of the novel
  • Described by her father as a prideful person
  • Intelligent, headstrong, and witty--but lacking in stricking beauty
  • Opinionated and knows what she wants out of life
  • The least superficial of the women at Longbourne, and the one to realize the true value of life


Jane Bennet-

  • She is presented as a very sweet personality, always cheerful and kind.
  • Her sweetness of character is most clearly seen in her charitable attitude to everyone
  • Mrs. Bennet's favorite daughter
  • The Bennet sister looked upon as the most agreeable, and maritally acceptable


Mary Bennet-

  • very musical and considered dull
  • She is not pretty, and so has attempted to compensate for her lack of beauty by making herself intellectually appealing.
  •  Mary's speeches reflect her character - like her they are dull. She tends to speak in complex sentences.

Catherine Bennet-

  • Kitty is the least important of the Bennet sisters to the plot of the novel. 
  • She tries to copy everything her sisters do.


Lydia Bennet-

  • Lydia is selfish, and she uses people so that she may get what wants
  • She shows no gratitude. She is vain and wishes only to be noticed and admired.
  • She loves social functions and in her pursuit of pleasure she has plenty of energy.



Mr. Charles Bingley-

  • Bingley's manners are pleasant and gentlemanly.
  • He is generous, and also impulsive.
  • Bingley is also sensitive and afraid of being hurt.

Mr. Collins-

  • Mr. Collins is pompous and full of self-importance. 
  • He is a flatterer, and studies how to deliver the most appropriate flattery.
  • Though rather ridiculous, he is socially respectable and acceptable.


  • On the surface, Wickham is attractive: he is handsome and has gentleman manners. But these manners are only for appearances, and he lacks truly good manners.
  • He is a completely self-possessed.
  • He is also a hypocrite, and his words are always contradicted by his behaviour and actions.
  • He is selfish.  He is totally lacking in honour, and runs away from paying gambling debts.



Lady Catherine de Bourgh

  • Lady Catherine's character is little developed, but her pride is clearly huge. 
  • She is mercenary, overbearing, selfish and bullying.



  • a friend of Mr. Bingley and a young man of wealth.
  • Love interest of Elizabeth Bennet
  • Rude, full of himself, and exhibits both pride and prejudice toward others.




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"'How despicably have I acted!' she cried.-'I, who have prided myself on my discernment!- I, who have valued myself on my abilities!...'"
(Austen, #1)

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